A Fresh Approach

The 8 Point Lift is just one of many new techniques that may be applied in order to provide subtle, natural results that will upturn the ageing face and draw unwanted attention from a general downturn drag of facial features into a more pleasing, youthful upturn.
A thorough working knowledge of anatomy, including the placement and depth of facial arteries, nerves, muscles and fat pads, is essential in order to ascertain the exact points to re-shape and re-create soft contours.
All Cheshire Image Clinic nurses are Internationally Trained by World Expert Anatomists, Surgeons, and Key Opinion Leaders. Experts such as Lakhdar Belhaoauri, Mauricio de Maio, Koenraad de Boulle, Per Heden, Phillip Levy and Arthur Swift are just a few of the professionals who are happy to share knowledge, experiences, new techniques and discuss challenging anatomy.
Please feel free to phone 01244 321696 to find out more

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