Our Team

Our Team

The Cheshire Image Clinic is a private establishment providing healthcare services in the form of aesthetic, non-surgical treatments and cosmetic surgery counselling. Our commitment is to provide both quality and value, underpinned by safe, competent, professional care.

All Cheshire Image Clinic treatments are performed as just one element of a structured medical programme of health care, the primary purpose of which is the protection, maintenance and restoration of the physical, emotional and psychological health of the patient concerned.

Our experienced team of Prescribing Specialist Nurses includes Michelle Irving, Janine Ogden, Kim Smith, and Christine Blackburn. We also have excellent infrastructure and support provided by friendly approachable office staff - Carys, Jo and Stan.

linkedin Michelle Irving RGN, NIP


Michelle, Clinic Owner and Director, qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1975. After initially specialising in surgical care she went on to work as both a district and subsequently a practice nurse. She established The Cheshire Image Clinic in 1989, and has always been passionate about delivering a service of exceptional quality Michelle was a founder member of the first national network of aesthetic nurses and is one of only two nurses voted twice by her peers onto its Steering Committee.  Michelle is also an Honorary Member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN).

As part of that committee she was instrumental in producing an unprecedented document – the only set of written aesthetic competencies, and assessment tools available in 2007 for all health professionals undertaking non-surgical treatments. This is being updated now by a small team of nurses including Michelle, and will be published very shortly.

Michelle is qualified as an Independent Nurse Prescriber, which has enabled her to further enhance her skills and knowledge in the aesthetic speciality. Michelle is passionate about improving skin health using appropriate evidence based methods and enabling patients to decide priority treatments.

In November 2006 Michelle gained over 90% marks in the examination set by Allergan for the Vistabel® / Botox® Validation Certificate.

International Training and updating is provided by World Class Scientists, Doctors, Anatomists and Surgeons such as Arthur Swift, Lakdar Belhaouri, Koenraad de Boulle, Mauricio de Maio, Phillip Levy, Ravi Jain and Per Heden.

Michelle believes that knowledge of anatomy leads to safety and expertise in diagnosis and treatment.

She also provides expert acne diagnosis and management, whilst also providing the latest minor surgical techniques in removal of warts, keratosis and other skin lesions.

Together with six other nurses and the University of Greenwich, Michelle worked on the curriculum development training needs for the first recognised diploma in medical aesthetics. This began in February 2008, and is delivered in modules. The course is currently available to doctors, dentists and nurses, in order to prove competency in all areas of medical aesthetics.

As Michelle is the Clinic Director for The Cheshire image Clinic, she is ultimately responsible for the Continued Professional development of all her nursing and ancillary staff. She sees this role as an ongoing challenge, and consequently seeks the most advanced anti-ageing conferences and courses for attendance.Our experience, education and dedication lead The Cheshire Image Clinic to deliver excellence in Patient Care, and maintain its position as leaders in the fast growing field of Medical Aesthetics.

Janine Ogden RGN, NIP


Janine is a Registered nurse, who has worked tirelessly for The Cheshire Image Clinic, since 2001.

She is a full time member of our team who is passionate about delivering a first class service tailor made to suit the needs of each individual patient.

She initially developed an interest in day surgery and the care of post operative patients, during her nurse training, and has since gained further experience by guiding and supporting patients through every step of their Cheshire Image Clinic surgical experience.

Janine finds that the most rewarding aspect of her profession is helping patients decide on the most appropriate form of treatment for them, and as The Cheshire Image Clinic provides all the varied procedures of cosmetic surgery, she can support them through every stage, from Botox® to Face Lift or Breast Enhancement.

Janine is constantly impressed by the tremendous support that she and the rest of the Cheshire Image Clinic team receive from Allergan, the manufacturers of Botox®

In August 2007 Janine gained over 90% marks in the examination set by Allergan for the Vistabel® / Botox® Validation Certificate.

Janine qualified as an Independent / Supplementary nurse Prescriber in 2011, placing her among a small group of elite Aesthetic nurses who hold this prestigious qualification.

She is committed to achieving the highest possible standards in her work by regularly undertaking International Training in seminars and workshops in the UK and overseas.

Janine is an expert in acne diagnosis and management, whilst also providing the latest minor surgical techniques in removal of warts, keratosis and other skin lesions.

Janine continues to up-date her aesthetic skills and is constantly involved in training. She uses reflective practice to further benefit positive patient experiences, and receives a steady stream of positive comments from happy, satisfied patients.

Kim Smith RGN, NIP


Kim qualified as a Registered General nurse in 1982 and since gained status as a midwife.

She worked for some time as a medical representative for a major pharmaceutical company and was also a nursing home manager in the private sector.

Kim joined The Cheshire Image Clinic team in 2001 and loves working in the aesthetic speciality, which is constantly moving forward. She adores meeting a patient for the first time and working with them to make the subtle changes that will give them more confidence and allow them to feel better about themselves. Kim has a natural gift of building close rapport with people, and uses her skills in consultation to provide patient understanding and confidence.

In November 2006 Kim gained over 90% marks in the examination set by Allergan for the Vistabel® / Botox® Validation Certificate.

In July 2008 Kim qualified as an Independent Nurse Prescriber, placing her among a small group of elite aesthetic nurses who hold this prestigious qualification.

She is committed to achieving the highest possible standards in her work by regularly attending seminars and workshops both in the UK and overseas.

Kim is an expert in acne diagnosis and management, whilst also providing the latest minor surgical techniques in removal of warts, keratosis and other skin lesions.

She keeps up to date with current “best practice” by attending aesthetic conferences world wide, reading, writing reflective diaries and studying with other Cheshire Image Clinic team .

Christine Blackburn RGN, NIP

Christine Blackburn 2

Christine qualified as an Registered General Nurse in 1977 and spent the next 29 years working full time in the NHS as a District Nurse.

She followed her passion for Aesthetic medicine in 2006, training at a prestigious Harley Street London clinic and has continually trained and developed in further aesthetic treatments both at home in the UK and abroad in Los Angeles, USA.

As an independent Nurse prescriber, Christine has the authority to prescribe appropriately, effectively and safely.

Christine joined The Cheshire Image Clinic team in 2013 and loves working in the aesthetic industry, which is constantly moving forward. Christine's aim is to enhance her patients features through the art and science of aesthetic medicine, and help them achieve realistic, natural results. Christine has a wealth of aesthetic experience and knowledge which is constantly updated to provide her patients with an individual care package designed specifically to meet their needs. Christine has a great natural rapport with people and installs confidence.

She keeps up to date with current “best practice” by attending aesthetic conferences world wide, reading, writing reflective diaries and studying with other Cheshire Image Clinic team members.


Counselling for Cosmetic Surgery

lady and patient

Any cosmetic procedure that will involve a change in your appearance needs to be given thought. Here at The Cheshire Image Clinic, we are trained in pre and post-cosmetic surgery counselling and will be happy to discuss all aspects of any treatment that you are considering, whether this be surgical or non-surgical.

The decision to undertake any form of cosmetic surgery is an important one. Many people take years to summon up the courage to take the first steps. Friends and family may not understand your concerns.

We understand

Your consultation is without charge and we will offer honest advice. You will be able to discuss your worries, fears and reservations. We in turn will give you an in depth explanation of procedures and will advise you of all the treatment options and realistic expectations. We will discuss aftercare, possible contra-indications and limitations.

Our aim is to give you a comprehensive assessment in order that you may make an informed choice.

Your consultation places you under no obligation.

Why The Cheshire Image Clinic?

The Cheshire Image Clinic is a centre of medical excellence developed solely to offer cosmetic surgery counselling and to practice the most advanced techniques in cosmetic surgery.

Please phone to book an appointment for a free no obligation consultation.

01244 321696


Continuing Professional Development

Professional Development of Michelle Irving and Cheshire Image Clinic Staff

  I was voted by my peers as a member of what was initially a working group, and then became a steering committee for the RCN’s Aesthetic Nurses Forum. The committee was engaged in the development of competencies and assessment tools and produced a diploma for the education, training and accreditation of Aesthetic Nurses, doctors and dentists.
  I am very proud of my achievements and am passionate in my dedication to giving the best medical aesthetic advice and treatment to my patients.
  The Cheshire Image Clinic was registered with the Healthcare Commission and Intense Pulsed Light treatments for hair removal and photorejuvenation commenced.

Following training with Q Med commenced use of NASHA products including Restylane and Perlane.

Further skin care training using Jan Marini Skin research products and peels.

September Trained in semi-permanent make up at Northern Institute of Permanent Colour. I have never undertaken to practice this procedure as I do not consider it safe.

Trained by Collagen (UK) Ltd and set up private medical/cosmetic practice, treating patients with collagen injections to enhance their appearance. Produced a protocol for this purpose and presented it to the Royal College of Nursing.

Trained in Glycolic Skin Care with MD Formulations and gained Certificate of Excellence on Causes and Effects of Ageing.

Arranged working relationships with various cosmetic surgeons.

Set up private practice as an Aesthetic Nurse administering Collagen replacement therapy as dermal fillers, Sclerotherapy, Skin Care Management and Cosmetic Surgery counselling.

Courses and Conferences Attended

18 June 2011 Allergan MasterClass - expert Voluma update
24-27 March Special invitation from Allergan to attend the World Anti-Aging Conference in Monaco. This included a full day's MasterClass - All Staff
20 November Radiowave update course, Manchester
17-21 September Skin Science conference (including cadaver workshop), Nice, France - All Staff
12 June Anaphlaxis update, all staff
21 May Voluma training, all nurses
17 May Mauricio De Maio Botox and Filler Masterclass, all nurses
8-11 April World Anti Ageing Conference, Monaco with Allergan, invitation only
24 February RCGP Minor surgery update course, all nurses
19-22 February BASC Skin Camouflage training course, 2 nurses
11 March Scrub nurse for surgeon in operating theatre
2 April Advanced Radiesse training, Liverpool
30 April British Society of Scleropothists meeting (invited as special guest by RCN Aesthetic Nurse’s forum)
6 June Graduated Compression training (Sigvaris), all staff
10 June Radiowave training
11 June Colleague Mentoring at NHS clinic dealing with skin cancer patients
15-29 June Mentoring of student nurse on work placement
18 June Environ® update, all staff
1-4 July Galderma Anti Ageing conference, special invitation only, (including cadaver workshop)
10 September RCN Aesthetic Nurse’s conference, Royal College of Physicians, all staff
26 September In-house Azzalure training with Galderma representative, all nurses
3 November Dermatology forum conference, RCN, London, all nurses
7 November Allergan worksop, invitation only, with Koehn de Boulle and Mauricio de Maio – All staff
25 November Colleague mentoring at NHS skin cancer clinic
21 January RCN committee meeting
22 January Graduate Diploma, Curriculum Development meeting, Greenwich University and RCN
4 February Aesthetic Nurse Steering Group meeting, London
16 February Allergan Academy workshop with Phillip Levy and Mauricio De Maio, all nurses
5 March Attended Greenwich University for presentation and validation of Graduate Diploma
11 March RCN Aesthetic Nurse’s Steering Committee meeting
27-29 April Royal College of Nursing Congress
4 June Acting surgery scrub nurse
9 June RCN Aesthetic Nurse’s Steering Committee Meeting
18 June Advanced Radiesse workshop, all nurses
30 June - 2 July Cosmeceuticals skin care study course, London
7 July RCN Graduate Diploma Steering Committee Meeting
11 September RCN Aesthetic Nurse Conference, all nurses
12 September Q-Med conference, all nurses
21-25 September Environ skin care course, London
11 October In house Anaphylaxis update, all staff
14 October Allergan Master class, Glasgow, all staff
27 October - 10 November Mentoring of student nurse on work placement
7 November Advanced Nutrition study day, London
12 February Essay Planning, Chester University
13 February APA Referencing, Chester University
5 March Cosmetic Surgery Theory and Practice, Castlefield Clinic
13 March Update, Leighton Hospital
14 March Joint Management Meeting, Royal College of Nursing
22-24 March Congress, Anti ageing Medicine, Monte Carlo
2 April Dermatology Update Day, Leighton hospital
13-15 April Allergan Academy, Timothy Flynn, London
6 June Diploma Development meeting
17 July Evolence product training, Chester
31 July Steering Group meeting, Aesthetic Diploma, London
22 August Curriculum Development meeting for Aesthetic Diploma, London
13 September Aesthetic Nurses Meeting, Royal College of Physicians
14 September Q-Med Conference, Royal College of Physicians
19 September Independent & Supplementary Prescriber, Chester University
24 September Sculptra Training, Dr David Evans
3 October Micro-dermabrasion training, Chester
4 October Steering Group Meeting for Aesthetic Diploma, Greenwich
5 October Sculptra training, Dr David Evans
14 October Allergan Academy, Dr Mauricio de Maio, Manchester (invitation only)
24 October Curriculum Development Meeting, London
29 November Mentorship with aesthetic nurse Liz Bardolph
17 December Diploma Steering Group meeting, London
20 February Elastence Aesthetic Course, Inamed, all staff
8 & 9 April European Aesthetic Conference, Madrid, Spain, all staff ( by invitation only)
10 June Basic Life Support Update, Capsarius, all staff
24-26 June FACE Conference, Royal College of Physicians, all staff
July Publication - RCN “Competencies: An integrated career and Competency Framework for Nurses in Aesthetic Medicine” Co-written by Michelle Irving
12 September Royal College of Nursing Aesthetic Nurses Conference, Michelle Irving Presentation of Assessment Tool for Nurses in Aesthetic Nursing, Co- written by Michelle Irving
13 September Med Face to Face Conference, Royal College of Physicians, all staff
15 November UK Validation Certificate of Competency in Botulinum Toxin Type A following 3 part exam set by Allergan – Botox, all nurses acheived competency
22 November “Cosmetic Surgery. How can you stop it going wrong?” Pannone, Manchester. Presentation by Michelle Irving
11 & 12 June Conference, Royal College of Physicians, all nurses
14 September Defining the Magic Touch, Q-Med, Royal College of Physicians, all staff
1 October Anaphylaxis & Resuscitation Update, Capsarius, all stafff
16 November Inamed Academy (invitation only), all nurses
26 November Puragen Training, Jessner Peel & Therapon Skin Renewal, Mentor, all staff
15 May Journey of a Cosmetic Surgery Patient, Dr Mauricio de Maio, Birmingham, all nurses
12 June Resuscitation Update, Capsarius, all staff
26-27 June FACE Conference, Royal College of Physicians
3 July RCN Independent Sector Conference
7 September Safe Use of Medical & Cosmetic Lasers, Cristianos Ltd
15 September Reflecting the Girl Within, Q-Med conference, Royal College of Physicians, all nurses
28 October Hydrafill Aesthetic Course, Inamed Aesthetics, London, all nurses
28 February - 2 March World Anti-Ageing Conference, Paris
14 March Cold Linked Gel Skin Peels, Collagen UK
14 & 15 June FACE conference, Royal College of Physicians
15 June Hyperhidrosis Training, Dr GM Thistlethwaite BDS
16 June Botox Masterclass, Phillip Levy
5 July Basic Life Support & Anaphylactic Crisis, Countess of Chester Hospital
1 October Skin Resurfacing, Jan Marini
9-12 November 14th International Congress, Aesthetic Medicine, Las Vegas, USA
9 December Hyperhidrosis Update, Castlefield Clinic
23 March Life Support & Anaphylaxis, Countess of Chester Hospital
15 May Skin Tech Workshop, Euromedical
6 June Dental Infiltration Update, Dr GM Thistlethwaite BDS
27 June Botox”- The Canadian Perspective, Wigmore Medical
16 July Continuing Education, Jan Marini
16 September Association of Medical Aesthetic Practitioners, 1st meeting, Royal College of Nursing
23 September Collagen & Hylaform Advanced Training Workshop, Dr Mauricio de Maio, & Anaphylaxis Update Day, Royal Society of Medicine
12 March Dysport Training, Dr Charles Bale
18 April Skin Research & Technologies, Jan Marini
4 September Chemical Peel Training, Castlefield Clinic
4 September Training, Castlefield Clinic
6 September Basic Life Support & Anaphylaxis Update, Andrew Thurgood, Collagen Nurses Meeting, Royal Society of Medicine
27 March NASHA course using Restylane, Q-Med
12 June Collagen Nurses Meeting, Royal Society of Medicine
12 June Anaphylaxis & Basic Life Technologies
  Started employing other registered nurses, specifically trained in the field of medical aesthetics by The Cheshire Image Clinic, to work for the clinic full-time
16 March Recent Trends in Dermatology
28 July Block & Local Anaesthesia Training, Lanes Medical Practice
11 August Causes & Effects in Ageing, MD Formulations
23 September Nurse Specialist Meeting – Hylaform and Collagen, Collagen Corporation
21 October Sclerotherapy & Short Wave Diathermy training, Woodford Medical Services
3 November Professional & Legal Aspects of Nursing, PCS Training
7 August Glycolic Acid skin care Update Day, MD Formulations
October Team Building workshop
September Collagen Replacement Therapy Update Day
22 & 23 June

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Local Clinics

Treatment at a clinic near you


We hold 'local aesthetic clinics' at a number of additional locations around the country, making it even easier for you to take advantage of our free consultations.

Cheshire Image satellite clinics provide exactly the same level of care and professionalism as would be experienced at head office; as the team take their set standards with them wherever they go. All our team are bound by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) code of professional conduct, which encompasses confidentiality; data protection; privacy and dignity.

To find out the location and dates of the clinics nearest to you, please contact us. Carys, Jo, Faye or Stan at head office will be more than happy to help direct you.

Please call us to discuss your requirements.

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