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Consultations for the Treatment of Lines & Wrinkles

Consultations for the Treatment of Lines & Wrinkles

Kindly note that the following information is provided as a reference only.

Botulinum Toxin (Botox®) is a natural protein which relaxes and softens lines and wrinkles, mainly in the upper third of the face.

Small injections are made into the specific muscles of the face that create wrinkles. This reduces the muscular activity and therefore softens the skin’s creasing. Botox® treatments generally become effective within 3–14 days. Some patients may need or require a treatment with filler also for best results.

Before any Botox® treatment is administered, patients will be required to undergo a full medical consultation with one of our nurses. This consultation is an essential part of the treatment process during which all treatment options and alternatives, risks and complications will be discussed. Your informed consent is a principal concern.

Botox® is a Prescription Only Medication and as such, treatments should only be administered by a qualified medical professional. All Cheshire Image Clinic nurses provide Botox® treatments and they all possess a validation certificate from the manufacturers of Botox® – Allergan. Our nurses are all registered nurse independent prescribers.

Both Correct Aftercare and a Check Up Appointment following your treatment are important. Our nurses are available to you at any point on your treatment journey.