Look Good, Feel Good

Dermal Filler Treatments

Cheshire Image Clinic nurses use only the very best in Hyaluronic Acid fillers and our knowledge and experience puts Juvéderm™ firmly in this category.

Modern fillers should be safe, effective, non-pathogenic, non-migratory, and unlikely to give rise to allergies. Juvederm™ fulfils all these requirements. They also contain a local anaesthetic, so treatments are now far more comfortable.

Treatment Plan

An agreed individualised treatment plan is designed for each patient, using products within the Juvéderm™ range. Product choice will be judged by the patient’s anatomy, your nurse’s experience, personal preference, ethical beliefs and cost effectiveness.

Juvéderm™ provides an instant solution for lines, wrinkles, lip enhancement and facial contouring, to which reduce the signs of ageing and enhance facial features.

The treatments are gradually absorbed over time, so whenever you see the need for improvement you can have further treatments to maintain or improve your youthful new look. With Juvéderm™, you can have a treatment for a special event and then later choose to have “top-up” treatments to maintain the effect. The time it takes for Juvéderm™ to break down will vary from person to person.

A holistic approach to treatment is essential. The nurse will help the patient to prioritise the order of improvements to be made, and will discuss results, limitations, risks and price. As new treatment methods evolve in this fast growing area of medicine, The Cheshire Image Clinic will assess their safety and appropriateness before introducing them into your on-going treatment plan. Minimally invasive techniques and a balanced, global approach help to minimise the risks, improve results and create facial harmony.

Cheshire Image Clinic nurses are dedicated to continuous professional development, and practice the latest and most advanced techniques in medical aesthetics.