Look Good, Feel Good

Asking the right questions…

Communicating the Facts & Creating an Informed Culture

Modern consumer trends in medical aesthetics are shaping the industry. Patient demands for inexpensive, express treatments have led to an alarming surge in the number of non-medically trained people offering fashionable services.

Is your practitioner suitably qualified and experienced?

Aesthetics is a medical speciality, and Specialist practitioners hold prescribing qualifications, which means they can appropriately assess and respond to adverse reactions and possible complications.

Medical standards and guidelines form the foundation of distinction in aesthetics.

Researching your practitioner is the first step in safe-guarding yourself against unscrupulous injectors and unsafe treatments. Registered medical professionals all hold qualifications, and must adhere to standards and guidelines as they are regulated by various medical governing bodies. Your practitioner should be able to offer complete individual responsibility for your care, from the first face-to-face consultation to supportive follow up appointments.

At The Cheshire Image Clinic, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence in patient care, supported by extensive specialist aesthetic medical training and continued professional development. We offer complete transparency and the assurance that caring for your health and well-being is at the heart of all we do.